Medication Review Services

BC residents with a valid BC Services Card and who have taken at least five medications within the last six months may be eligible to receive Medication Review Services. The review is free of charge and does not require a Doctor’s referral. For best results, it is advised that patients bring all their current and past medications — both prescription and over-the-counter supplements. The pharmacist will review these to ensure that the medications are being taken safely, and to prevent the wrongful consumption of any medications as well as potential drug therapy problems (e.g. drug interactions, incorrect dosing, or lack of clinical need). Medication Reviews are especially beneficial to patients who may have just been discharged from Hospitals and may need in-depth help in understanding their medications.

The purpose is to improve the patient’s understanding of their medications, including what medications they are taking, why they are being taken, and how best to take them. The review can also be shared with other health care professionals, such as the patient’s family physician or specialist.

What can I expect from my medication review?

– A complete review of your medications, why you are taking them, and how best to take them.

– A copy of the Medication History to keep as a reminder for taking your medications, or to share with other health care professionals.

– Suggestions or recommendations to you about your medications or diet, if necessary.

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