Adult Briefs

Adult briefs are incontinence undergarments that are fastened with a reusable strip designed for patients with limited flexibility and mobility. These undergarments are extremely absorbent and are constructed of thicker, stronger materials than conventionally designed products, allowing them to block out odors and contain accidents. Adult briefs come in low, moderate and heavy absorbency levels to accommodate your specific incontinence needs.

Pads & Liners

Bladder control pads and liners are contoured sheets of ultra-absorbent fabric designed to be placed inside standard or specialized undergarments. These products provide extra support and protection to those who experience leakage associated with urinary incontinence by containing odor and moisture. If you enjoy an active social lifestyle, don’t let the fear of an accident hold you back.

Bedpans & Urinals

For those that find it difficult or impossible to make it to the bathroom, bedpans and adaptive urinals are the best-available solution. With different options available for men and women, these portable devices are designed to contain and dispose of bladder/bowel movements in a sanitary fashion. Whether you’re limited to your bed due to an injury or illness, or you’re struggling with incontinence, the products in this category can help maintain comfort during the toileting process.


Ostomies are surgically created openings used for digestive waste removal typically from the large intestine. Typically, an ostomy pouch is aligned with the opening (stoma), allowing for safe, sanitary disposal. These pouches are prosthetics that act as a receptacle for the diverted waste and are designed to adhere to the surrounding skin. We are able to order specific ostomy supplies such as bags, catheters, and flanges. We are also able to assist you with billing Pharmacare for ostomy parts if they are covered.

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