Wheelchairs are durable methods of transportation. Equipped with stainless steel frames, nylon upholstery and rubber tires, wheelchairs are guaranteed to provide years of dependable mobility assistance. Our wheelchairs are also foldable for easier transportation, and we can provide various add-ons such as elevated or swing-away foot rests. Rental services also available — please inquire!

Transport Chairs

Transport chairs are lighter, more convenient methods of transport assistance. With smaller plastic wheels and simpler frames, transport chairs can be folded smaller than wheelchairs and often weigh as little as 20 lbs — ideal for those looking for a highly portable option. Transport chairs also tend to be more affordable and offer the benefit of increased mobility at a lower cost.

Walker Accessories

Canes provide additional stability and mobility confidence. We offer an array of height adjustable canes with both single tips, free-standing quad-tips, and foldable sitting canes as well. Feel free to ask us on proper height adjustment.

Standard Walkers

A standard walker is a walking aid characterized by its use of platforms at the bottom of each leg, rather than wheels. While wheels reduce friction and make movement easier, standard walkers tend to provide greater support and stability. It is often advisable to try both wheeled and standard walkers to evaluate the best choice — if using a standard walker is a struggle, you may want to opt for a wheeled variant, but if maintaining posture and balance is difficult with a wheeled walker, you may want to opt for a standard model. We carry a wide selection of affordable standard walkers and can accommodate users of all heights and sizes. We also carry a full selection of walker accessories, where you’ll find a variety of customization options to help ensure that any walking aid you buy is a perfect fit.


Our height adjustable crutches feature strong and lightweight aluminum construction to provide superior comfort and easy cleaning. We also offer a large section of accessories and attachments: tips, pads, hand grips, underarm covers and more!

Transfer Aids

More people today are choosing to enjoy their lives within the comfort and familiarity of their home and family. To help make this possible there are a number of products available to make movement easier and safer for both the individual and their caregiver.

Transfer belts may be used to securely move a fragile patient while also providing strong support points for the caregiver via sturdy handle loops as support buckles.

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