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Age-related hearing loss is gradual and affects as many as 1 in 3 older adults. Decreased hearing ability can make it difficult for a person to understand important instructions, hear door bells, or respond to smoke alarms. Hearing loss also makes it hard to enjoy talking with family and friends — leading to feelings of isolation and frustration. Because hearing loss is so gradual, people do not usually realize that it has happened – thus often undiagnosed.

Hearing ability may also be compromised by loud noise exposure, which can damage sensory hairs in the ear – these do not regenerate and thus result in permanent hearing loss.

Health conditions common in older people (such as high blood pressure or diabetes), may also contribute to hearing loss, as well as certain medications.

If you have reason to suspect some degree of hearing impediment, contact us for a complimentary hearing examination. Through our partners at Alliance Hearing, we offer full in-store before and aftercare service including:

-Complimentary hearing assessment.
-Recommendations to suit your needs.
-Product demonstration and trial before purchase.
-Supply and fitting for maximum comfort.
-Hearing aid repairs and adjustments.
-Maintenance and cleaning.

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