Veterinary Compounding

Treating furry pawed patients may often prove more difficult than humans. Pets often have unique challenges such as species specific taste preferences, thicker fur which prevents absorption, and species specific allergies. Our lab is able to compound medications for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, birds, and many more. The following are some common issues which afflict various animals, and some solutions we are able to offer:


A common affliction for felines includes hyperthyroidism, which usually entails lifelong treatment. Fortunately we are able to offer fish flavored suspensions or tablets, which are very delectable to cats. Other flavours are also available such as chicken or beef and more. For cases where oral ingestion proves difficult, our Lipoderm cream base has also proven to be a highly effective delivery vehicle for numerous medications into the skin of cats – medications can be rubbed onto feline ears for quick drug delivery into the bloodstream, or to target ear infections.


Canines often require a wide range of medication doses, and we are able to compound medicines in accurate dosage forms that dogs love. Some flavors we frequently use include beef, liver, and other flavored suspensions to help with oral ingestion.

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