Tissue Pain (Knee/Elbow Joints, Muscles, Soft Tissues)

We currently produce an in-house prescription strength 10% and 20% Diclofenac (also known as Voltaren) topical cream using our unique base, which has proven stability and excellent skin delivery properties. Our pain preparations are ideal for athletic injuries, osteoarthritis, and many other situations. Our use of an ointment mill means that the mixture comes out completely smooth and silky, as opposed to older bases such as PLO gel which are typically not as dissolved and thus less effective. Come talk to us today to find out if this may be right for you.

Nerve Pain (Shingles, Diabetic Neuropathy, etc)

Nerve pain differs from regular pain. The cause of nerve pain stems from damage to the actual nerves, causing an unrelenting pain signal despite having no obvious injury. This can arise from viral infections (e.g. Shingles), high blood sugar (poorly controlled diabetes), or other afflictions such as multiple sclerosis or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Topical compounded solutions are available by physician prescription, whereby we can incorporate multiple medications which serve to dull this transmission of pain at the nerve. The key to efficacy is the base, or carrier used to transport the drug from the surface of the skin into the tissue and ultimately at the nerve.

Our cutting edge bases have been proven to effectively transport at least four different medications simultaneously, and has a fine texture as opposed to previously used PLO (pluronic lecithin organogel) preparations. Our base also remains stable under refrigeration and does not separate over time. We also use a cream mill in-house to ensure that the drug is dispersed evenly and that no grittiness remains — evidence that the drug particles have not been evenly dispersed in the mixture.

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