Clarifix is an emulsion base (a mixture of liquid drugs in another liquid) that effectively delivers a wide range of drugs for patients afflicted by acne or problem skin. This versatile solution treats adolescent and adult acne cases, rosacea, oily skin, and age related acne.

The mixture is derived from an extract of avocado, which helps to decrease oil formation and improves the appearance of red skin blotches. The base also helps with increasing skin moisture, and increases overall skin health and stability.

Depending on its’ application, Clarifying Base can rapidly and effectively deliver medication classes including:

-Antimicrobials (which inhibit bacteria infections in acne pores)
-Tretinoin (which increases collagen production)
-Alpha/Beta hydroxyl acids (which assist in the rebuilding of outer skin)
-Salicylic Acid and many more.

For patients who have experienced skin irritation with previous acne medications, Clarifying Base may be better option as it holds the benefit of less irritation due to its similarity to the skin’s lipid fats. In addition it is non-comedogenic (will not block pores), which is one of the primary goals in acne relief.

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